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This guide will serve to orientate first time, as well as repeated users to the range of pages (and sometimes resources) that one can find in this webbie of mine.

I shall just give an overview of what one can find in each of the sections listed in the webbie menu.

Leads to the main startup page
A section that contains stuff that is related to me
Pages include an "About Me" page, class pages, photo gallery and some pages on my interests and projects
Leads to my bloggie subsite
which houses all entries from January 2004
The older entries will be put back up soon enough
Stuff people can download
Has a "C Programming" page which houses my C programming notes
as well as another page with has a few miscellaneous
documents for download
More will be put up if time permits
A section that contains pages with links
to other sites and also friends' pages
Site Related
A section with pages related to this webbie
Contains an "About" page, as well as "Feedback" and
"Log" pages which record the changes made to the site in the past
Pages which do not go into the other sections
Currently has a useful "XP Tips" page as well as
a "Quizzes" page which has some Maths questions
Currently home to "Tuesdays with Turtle",
a series of entries written by a friend of mine which make up a story
Last updated  :  12 January, 2005 2:12 AM